The eyes have been called "The windows to the soul." They are the part of the face that carries the most nonverbal meaning. An attractive female eyelid is one that shows a broad expanse of smooth skin that makes an effective canvass on which makeup may be applied.

The eyebrows frame and compliment the eyes. They are the center of the aesthetic universe in the upper face. The most important features of the brow are the shape of the brow, and its' relationship to the eye. We now have both surgical and non-surgical techniques we can improve the appearance of both the eye and eyebrow.

Upper Eyelids

Loose, drooping upper eyelid skin can be cosmetically unattractive and can give one a tired look. At times the excess skin can be so pronounced that it can hang on the eyelashes. The treatment for this is a procedure called blepharoplasty. This is done under local anesthesia in our operating room. There is almost no discomfort and, although there is some temporary swelling and bruising, it is usually gone in a week, when the sutures are removed.

Thermage is a non-surgical, no downtime, single treatment that reduces excess eyelid skin by means of a radiofrequency current applied to both the eyelids and forehead.

Lower Eyelids

The development of bags and wrinkles on the lower lids a common accompaniment of aging. It used to be thought that the bags were the result of fat protruding forward, and surgical procedures were developed to remove the "excess" fat. This would frequently result in a condition called "hollow eye" in which people's eyes looked sunken and they frequently were told by friends that they looked tired.

We now have come to recognize that the tissue that had been, and in some cases still is, removed is actually tissue that is normally present around the eyes. If one looks at the eyelids of children, it is possible to see the same tissue that has been labeled abnormal in adults. The main reason that most adults appear to develop bags under the eyes, is that with aging we loose the deeper tissues of the face which support and blend in with the tissue that starts to look like "bags". The best treatment for this is to implant deep hyaluronic acid filler into the areas of tissue loss. This results in a very natural and attractive appearance.

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