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Fraxel Laser Treatment
The most effective no-down-time laser treatment
available for wrinkles, brown spots and anti-aging
Fraxel Laser Treatment is a revolutionary way to reverse the signs of aging! Think of your skin as a family portrait or digital photograph in need of high-quality restoration or touch up.

Just as a damaged painting is delicately restored one small area at a time, or a photographic image is altered, pixel by pixel, Fraxel Laser Treatment improves your appearance by affecting only a fraction of your skin at a time with thousands of tiny microscopic laser spots.
Turn Back the Clock on Aging

After your very first Fraxel Laser Treatment, you will begin to feel the difference in your skin, as it gradually becomes softer, smoother and fresher. Fine lines around your eyes will noticeably fade. So will uneven coloring and the brown spots caused by aging and sun exposure.

After several treatments, your friends and family will marvel at how youthful and healthy your skin looks. The results are so discreet and natural that only you and your doctor will know you've had a laser surgical procedure.

Fraxel Laser Treatment Questions and Answers:
1. What is Fraxel™ Laser Treatment (FLT) and what does it do?

The Fraxel laser treatment is a revolutionary way to reverse the signs of aging. This non-surgical procedure smoothes wrinkles and scars, improves texture, tone, elasticity, color and also minimizes pore size. The result is more youthful, radiant skin with minimal down time. Any area of the body can be treated: face, chest, neck, hands! As of January 2008 we have performed over 1600 FLTs.

2. How is it different than other anti-aging treatments and how does it work?

Fraxel is unlike any other rejuvenating skin treatment. Unlike old ablative lasers which remove the top layer of skin, the FLT procedure affects the skin surface by producing thousands of tiny microscopic wounds which penetrate deep into the dermis. These “microthermal zones” are separated by areas of unaffected tissue. The spared tissue between treatment zones promotes rapid healing of the treated area while stimulating collagen production. Thus, FLT results approach improvements obtained with CO2 laser resurfacing but without the associated side effects and downtime.

3. What other applications can FLT be used for?

FLT has been found to be affective in treating acne scars, surgical scars and traumatic scars.

4. How long does a treatment take and what will I look like afterwards? When will I see results?

Treatments last between 10-80 minutes. Side effects are minimal and typically involve mild-to-moderate swelling and redness which usually subsides within several days. Skin may also appear to have a bronzed appearance for several days. Routine activities can be resumed immediately after treatment. Most patients return to work within 1-3 days. Make-up may be worn the next day if desired. Many patients see improvement in discoloration and texture immediately followed by improvement in wrinkles and scars within months.

5. How many treatments are needed and how often can I be treated?

We recommend at least 3 treatments for optimal results. Four to six treatments may be needed for patients with significant scarring and wrinkles. Treatments are usually performed 4 to 6 weeks apart.

6. How can I maximize my result and maintain them?

Since your skin will continue to age naturally, we recommend maintaining your results by using physician-strength rejuvenation products at home and having periodic FLT annually or semi-annually. Periodic FLT’s will help slow down the aging process and keep your skin younger looking, longer. As always, wear a hat and sunscreen when outdoors.

7. How should I prepare for my treatment?

During your pre-Fraxel consultation visit we will discuss which products are best to use prior to, during and after your treatment. Botox may be recommended prior to FLT to relax facial movement in key areas (such as crows feet, frown lines and forehead creases) allowing for better laser penetration into deeper wrinkles. For two weeks prior avoid sun exposure and self tanner and wear a SPF 30 sunscreen daily.

8. Are there any side effects and risks?

Common temporary side effects include redness, swelling, dryness, fine flaking and itching. Significant risks are minimal and may include pigmentation changes, blistering and crusting. Scarring is extremely rare.

9. Can Fraxel treatments be combined with other rejuvenation treatments?

Absolutely, V-Beam Laser can be used to remove redness and blood vessels. Botox can be combined with FLT to relax deep wrinkles. Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and Artefill can be injected into deep creases and lips.

NEW for 2008: Our GentleYag Laser tightens and lifts skin with no down time. Perfect in combination with Fraxel to maximize your rejuvenation!

10. Does FLT’s have FDA clearance?

Yes, the Fraxel Laser is FDA cleared for the treatment of wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, sun damage, tone and texture improvement.