Does Your Cosmetic Cream Eliminate Wrinkles? Or Alter Skin Collagen?

Not unless it’s a drug. That’s not me talking, it’s the FDA.

In order for a cosmetic to be labeled a cosmetic, by definition it cannot alter the structure of the skin. If your cosmetic cream did actually eliminate wrinkles, then it would alter the structure of the skin. As such, it could no longer be labeled a cosmetic and would be categorized as a drug.

What about a cosmetic that “penetrates deeply” or “causes collagen growth?” These would require that the product penetrate the skin. A cosmetic, again by definition, cannot penetrate the skin.

“But, my cosmetic cream is actually a cosmeceutical,” you say.

Sorry, no such category exists for the FDA. Your product is either a drug, and would be required to undergo intense safety and efficacy scrutiny, or is a cosmetic and need only show only that it won’t hurt you. Nothing more.

The good news is if your cosmetic cream only sits on the surface and cannot change your skin in any substantive way, then it probably won’t hurt you.