FDA Approves New Wrinkle Filler: Evolence

The FDA has approved a new treatment for wrinkles. It’s a collagen filler that can be injected into frown lines to smooth them out, giving your face a younger, smoother appearance. The product, Evolence®, lasts 6 months according to its maker, Colbar LifeScience, (a Johnson and Johnson-owned company).

Evolence is different from some wrinkle fillers such as Restalyne®, Juvederm®, Radiesse®, and Artecoll® because unlike these, Evolence is real collagen.

Evolence is also different from older collagen fillers such as Cosmoderm® and Cosmoplast® which must be replaced after about 3 months, and from Zyderm® and Zyplast® which require skin testing before they can be injected into your skin.

The collagen in Evolence is derived from pig skin. The company employed a proprietary cross-linking technology called Glymatrix® to make this collagen last longer than previous collagen injections.

It has been stated that Evolence is less likely to cause inflammation or bruising than other fillers, but this has not been studied, and in fact might not be true.

So is Evolence better than other collagen fillers? It is yet to be seen. In part, that’s because some people metabolize different fillers at different rates, and some fillers are more difficult to inject and smooth out than others. These factors depend more on the patient getting the injection and on the physician performing the injection than on the product itself.

Your best bet is talk to your physician about which filler he or she is comfortable using and recommends for your particular wrinkles.